Pescadora Billfish Championship

Rules & Regs

(Final official rules will be given at registration)

General Information: Entry fee is $3,000 per boat, early registration entries made/paid before December 1st, 2018 are $2,800 per boat. A COSTA RICA FISHING LISCENSE IS REQUIRED, these can be purchased online or at Marina Pez Vela. This is an all female angler tournament. Male captains, cheer leaders and mates are permitted.

A Maximum of 5 lady anglers per boat, a minimum of 2. All anglers must be registered before fishing begins. Anyone may hook the fish then hand the rod over to a female angler. She must then reel the fish in on her own with-out any other assistance. The rod may only be passed one time. ALL I.G.F.A. rules apply except for the passing of the rod. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall team/boat awards will be presented. Two Top Lady Anglers will also be awarded by how the fish was caught…. Category 1: To the angler who hooks and catches the most billfish (per IGFA rules). Category 2: To the angler who reels and catches the most billfish (hook & hand). Specify on the daily catch report who caught the billfish and how it was hooked.  

Registration:  Held at Marina Pez Vela on Thursday February 21 st , 2019 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. One person from each team is required to attend, each team is responsible for knowing any rule changes made during captains meeting. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tournament Time: Fishing Days are February 22nd and 23rd . Boats are permitted to leave Marina Pez Vela at 6:00am. Lines in the water at 8:00am, lines out of the water at 3:30pm. No lines in the water includes teasers, dredges, fishing line, leader etc… nothing in the water prior to lines in. Max of 5 rods.

Scoring: All billfish must be released alive to earn points. Billfish release points are 100 for sailfish and 300 for marlin. All meat fish (dorado, tuna) are 1 point per pound, and do not count towards the aggregate billfish points… meat fish are their own category. All score cards must include the species, time of release, angler name and how the angler released the billfish (Hook & Hand / IGFA Release). Score cards and video must be submitted to the designated video room no later than 6:00pm. In the event of a tie, the release time will be used to declare the winner. Meat Fish- if there is a tie in weight, the team who weighs their fish first wins.

Releases: All anglers and boats must abide by Costa Rican fisheries laws. CIRCLE HOOKS are required for billfish releases. No J-hooks allowed in combination with dead bait. 50 mile boundary from Marina Pez Vela (exact coordinates given at Captains Meeting). A release is defined as: leader is touched, or the leader passes through the rod tip. Max of 6 rods.

Communication: All releases must be reported to Radio Control via a VHF channel given at the Captains meeting. Captains need to state the name of the boat, species and angler. Hook-ups must be called in 15 minutes before lines out. Radio Control will reply with the release time which needs to match the scorecard and video release.

Mechanical: In event of a mechanical failure, a substitute boat may be used if coordinated with the tournament director.

Weigh Scale-Meat Fish: 2 fish over 15 pounds per boat, per species (Tuna & Dorado), per day can be weighed. Total accumulated points per species (1 point per pound) will be presented with an award. Ex: Most points overall for Tuna, and most points overall for Dorado. Fish must be weighed in the presence of the weigh-master and angler, then recorded on a weigh-in form. No fish or anglers can be transferred between boats. The decision of the weigh-master is final.

Video Release: A video of all billfish releases must be submitted verifying the species and designated object of the day. The video must include the angler, daily object, species of fish and release. The footage must be recorded without pauses… do not turn the camera off and on, it must be continuous. Video must have a date stamp… iPhones, iPads, GoPros are all acceptable forms of video.

Conduct: The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant for any reason. There are no refunds on entry fees. Cheating in any form is 1,000% NOT TOLERATED. If you feel the need to cheat or bend the rules, you are not welcome at the Pescadora Billfish Championship. Any person with a protest must present it to the Tournament Director by 7:30pm on the same day. By entering this tournament, participants agree to abide by all rules and decisions. The decision of the Rules Committee is final.