The Pescadora Billfish Championship is excited to announce the Pescadora Tagging Program. Women from around the world have played a significant role in conservation taking on tasks both large and small to help the planet.  That is why we have joined up with the Gray FishTag Research program!!

Gray Fish-Tag Research is an essential tool for promoting the sustainability of marine game fish and increasing public resource awareness.  This program, through the tagging of fish, is collecting information in real time and producing valuable scientific data that is desperately needed by the scientific community.  Through these tags, scientists and biologists are given valuable information on migration patterns, fish stocks, growth rates, habitat depths and much more.

We need to tag more fish! Gray Taxidermy will be awarding a full-size fish mount to the lady who has the most tagged fish during the Pescadora Billfish Championship!! Soooo what do you want to name your fish?